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Restoring the site. It's been down for... months? Typing away in HTML. Simple. Back to basics. Dreamhost disabled my WordPress install due to it being comprimised. Not sure why I'm paying for a managed service if it's not managed.

I lost one post, about Lisa's dad, Don, passing in 2018. It's not on the Internet Archive, so maybe I never posted it. He was a good man and had a huge impact on an incredibly wide range of people. It became clear in the months after he died that many were going to be working through his absence for quite some time. Lisa handled his passing about as well as one can, but still has moments. It takes time. I still have moments with both of my parents.

My uncle, Eric, another man who made a mark on many who knew him, passed away a few weeks ago. His funeral was the weekend before Christmas. We last saw him in hospice shortly after Thanksgiving. We were fortunate to catch him on a day he was present and lucid. He had an avid interest in genealogy, and I now have most of his records. Considering I'm still working through my parents' stuff, this probably isn't good. But it's history and someone has to do something with it.

Beyond that, a lot has happened since my last posts in 2015. Mathias has grown like a weed and is practically a teenager in some ways. He loves math and downhill skiing, and has generally adjusted well to middle school. It's amazing watching him grow up and his interests develop. He was identified as having dyslexia, dysgraphia, and short-term memory issues, all of which explained some of his challenges in grade school. We're still navigating those issues, and unfortunately the trials are not infrequent.

We have traveled. Michigan, multiple times, all the coasts. Detroit. NYC. Chicago. L.A. (which we kind of hated). Washington D.C. Cincinnati. And, of course, a one-night solo trip to Atlanta in 2016 to keep the baseball stadium tour alive.

2016. At the start of the year, and after nearly 17 years with the company, I quit my job at Thomson Reuters without a plan of what do to next. After a sabatical that lasted through the summer—starting a job search in mid-spring wasn't smart, but it worked out—I landed at a bank with a reasonably restrictive social media policy. I shall not name it for now, but will say the opinions here are, of course, my own.

Every time I reboot this blog I say I'll be here more often. If I can make it a couple of times this year, I'll be satisfied.

And so this is the new year. Almost.

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